19 of the Best Short Episode Anime Series Worth Watching

To many, short episode anime, when the episodes are less than 15 minutes, seem like a waste of time. After all, what sort of story can a series tell in five minutes or less? 

Well, if you get your short episode anime information from shows like Pupa, then they clearly don’t tell any good stories at all, but you if you get your information from actual good series, then you might know better. 

Short episode anime can be a good way to watch some anime without investing a lot of time into it. Typically they are the realm of fast-paced comedy, but you can find a little bit of every genre if you look hard enough.

1. Hetalia Axis Powers

The most famous short episode anime of all! You probably already know what it is about, but if you don’t, it is about different countries around the world personified by an anime character. 

If you hate stereotypes, you might… Well, you will still probably enjoy this anyway.


2. The Master of Killing Time

This is the story of Toshinari Seki and Rumi Yokoi, the girl who sits next to him.

In order to pass the time in class, Seki crafts all sorts of odd inventions, and although he doesn’t notice her, Rumi is endlessly intrigued by the weird things he creates.

3. I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying

It seems like an impossible match, but somehow a casual smoking, social drinking office lady fell in love with a hardcore otaku and got married. This is their life together. 

It is a story about normies trying to understand our ways and how love can conquer all.

4. Yamishibai

Every night at a sunset a mysterious man comes to town to tell stories to the children that gather round. 

However, these are not happy tales, they are tales of curses and ghosts, murder and mayhem. Yamishibai tells a new tale of horror each episode.

5. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

Kusuo Saiki has a wide range of psychic abilities from telepathy to x-ray vision. However, instead of being a blessing, to him, they are a curse. 

All he wants is to live an ordinary life, so he tries to keep his powers a secret, but when you have so many powers, things aren’t that simple.

6. Encouragement of Climb

You’ve watched sports anime, but mountain climbing has been sadly absent – Until now! Encouragement of Climb is about a group of girls that take up mountain climbing as a hobby. 

Really, it is just an excuse to go out into nature, goof around, and build friendships.

7. Danchigai

This is the story of a man and his four sisters. Like nagging women, they make it a daily goal to lecture him about all aspects of his life in this endless romp of sibling relations.

8. Senyuu.

After an ancient hero defeated the demon lord, the world was at peace. However, when the demons return and the demon lord awakens in the distant future, it is up to the hero’s 75 descendants to handle it now. 

Unfortunately, not many of them are up to the snuff of their ancestor, certainly not Alba and his assistant Ross.

9. Super Seisyun Brothers

Super Seisyun Brothers is about the unique friendship of two brother-sister pairs.

They miss a lot of potential, but it does feature some excellent comedy.

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10. My Wife is the Student Council President

Hayato Izumi is the perfect respectable student and is running for student council president. However, after his competition, Ui Wakana, promises sex education and free condoms, she wins by a landslide. 

Still sore about his loss, things become even more complicated when Ui moves in with him. Apparently their parents, the filthy lushes that they are, made a drunken promise to have their kids marry each other. 

Can he keep their life a secret and the student council in line at the same time?

11. Teekyuu

No plot? No problem! That’s Teekyuu’s stance on anime. This is a show about nothing in particular except a high school tennis club that doesn’t play tennis ever.

12. Oneechan ga Kita

After a new marriage, Tomoya Mizuhara gets a new sister, and he is not prepared. 

Not prepared to endure her intense love for him, anyway.

13. Aiura

What do you do at school when there is nothing to do? Not take notes and possibly learn something, that is for damn sure. 

If you need ideas on how to goof off in school, this group has plenty of them.

14. Mangirl

This is… Not what you think it is. Instead, it is about a bunch of girls trying to create manga. A bunch of girls without any experience trying to create manga. 

It is about their successes and their failures and about not giving up no matter how many people tell you your manga is shit.

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15. Chocolate Underground


In this world, some dicks have banned all sweets. However, two teenage boys still remember the sweet tingle of chocolate in their mouths and are determined to find more. 

So they set out on a mission to find chocolate bootleggers.

16. There She Is!

There she is is about a rabbit named Doki falling in love with a man cat named Nabi. Of course, interspecies love is unacceptable in their society, but Doki is determined to make it work at all costs.

Cute animation. Surprisingly mature theme.

17. Chi’s Sweet Home

Chi’s Sweet Home is about a kitten that wanders away from its cat family and gets lost. 

Instead of the brutal reality that usually happens to lost kittens, it gets picked up by a young boy and his mother and taken to its new home.

18. Recorder and Randsell

Don’t be confused by the name, this is really Lovely Complex in short episode form. 

This series follows an eleven year old boy who is as tall as a grown up and his seventeen year old sister that is as short as a kid. 

You can imagine the shenanigans therein.


19. Makura no Danshi

Too busy for full-length anime and a boyfriend? Then this is the series for you. In each episode, you get a different boy to ask you about your day and whisper sweet nothings in your ear. 

It is a silly, if not slightly depressing, concept, but with the commercialization of love in Japan, honestly it is just surprising that there aren’t more series like this.

Got anymore good short episode anime recommendations? Tell us in that blanky, spacey, commenty section down below there.

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