6 Unconventional Superheroes The World Deserves Right Now

Once in a while, unconventional superheroes pop up to the delight of comic fans.

The new Thor is female, the new Spiderman is mixed race and the new Captain America is African-American. Here's a list of some of 6 of the most unconventional superheroes.

1. Ms. Marvel

Last year, Marvel introduced its first Muslim superhero who headlined her own comic - Ms. Marvel is a female teenager with very regular problems in life. Khan made her first appearance in the 2013 August issue of Captain Marvel prior to starring in her own comic book.

2. Priya's Shakti

Inspired by Hindu mythological tales, Ram Devineni, Lina Srivastava, and Dan Goldman created Priya, a young woman who survived a gang-rape, and went on to battle gender crimes in India with the blessings of Goddess Parvati.

3. Super Sikh

Deep Singh's entrance into the comic book world created quite a flutter, given that the "part-Batman, part-Jason Bourne" secret agent is possibly the world's first crime-fighting sardar.

Stylishly opting for a red turban and a well-fitted suit, instead of the classic underwear-over-tights superhero attire, this United Nations secret agent is a huge Elvis patron when not fighting the Taliban and other notorious criminals.

4. Burka Avenger

Meet Burka Avenger, a young schoolteacher who employs her school teacher skills to fight crime against women and education. She is specially trained in the martial art of "Takht Kabaddi" that involves throwing books and pens, and uses her burqa to mask her identity.

5. Omega Sentinel

Potentially the first Indian female character to appear in the popular X-Men series in 2000, Karima Shapandar is not a mutant, but an Omega Prime Sentinel, a human programmed to seek out and destroy mutants.

6. Maya

Who wouldn't want the ability to control water and fire? Well, this DC creation who first appeared in Justice League International in 1993 does precisely that.

Do you know of other unconventional superheroes?

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