Tom King Indicates the Heroes in Crisis Deaths Are Permanent

When Heroes in Crisis #1 by Tom King and Clay Mann released in September, it kicked off with the murder of multiple superheroes at Sanctuary, which was intended to help superheroes deal with the stress that comes with the job. Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman now have to figure out who killed the heroes and why. Now, writer Tom King has more or less said those killed are “dead” dead.

This weekend DC’s New York Comic Con panel, King was asked by a fan if any superheroes would be resurrected. After all, superheroic deaths don’t always take, and revivals are something fans have become used to over the decades. However, King said that his story wasn’t really about bringing those fallen back from the dead.

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“We tell these stories not about death, but about our lives,” King said. Of the many killed, the most controversial were Roy Harper–who in the Red Hood comics had said he’d be going to Sanctuary for rehab–and Wally West, the second Flash whose return kicked off the DC Rebirth continuity Heroes is currently set in.

As far as Wally’s death is concerned, that will supposedly be dealt with in an upcoming Flash annual, though writer Joshua Williamson has yet to clarify what exactly that will entail. If and when those killed do come back, it may not be King who revives them.

On sale October 24, Heroes in Crisis #2 is written by Tom King, with art and cover by Clay Mann. J.G. Jones, Mark Brooks and Francesco Mattina all provide variant covers for the issue. A blank variant cover will also be available.

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