The Man Without Fear Weekly Series to Focus on Death of Daredevil

Marvel has announced that a weekly Man Without Fear series will deal with the fallout of the upcoming “Death of Daredevil” arc.

During the Marvel – True Believers panel at New York Comic Con, creative executive Ryan Penagos revealed that writer Jed MacKay and artist Danilo S. Beyruth will produce The Man Without Fear, a weekly book that will center around the aftermath of Daredevil’s upcoming death. It’s unknown who will appear in the title, which is expected to hit shelves in January. The length of the series is also currently unknown.

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This suggests the death of Matt Murdock will carry the same kind of weight around the Marvel Universe that Captain America’s and Wolverine’s deaths did. Both of those characters also received a series showing how the rest of the world responded to their deaths, which were titled Fallen Son and The Logan Legacy, respectively.

Marvel has been hinting at the upcoming death of Matt Murdock for months, with more details about the event being teased at NYCC. It has since been confirmed that Charles Soule, who has been writing the main Daredevil series since 2015, will pen the event. It will also be his last story before he leaves the series. Before that, Soule was also responsible for The Death of Wolverine.

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Written by Charles Soule and illustrated by Phil Noto, “The Death of Daredevil” begins Oct. 17, running from Daredevil #609 to December’s Daredevil #612. Man Without Fear will hit shelves in in January.

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