Tom King’s SDCC Bodyguard Has A Very Different Job at NYCC

The controversial ending to Batman #50 saw some death threats come writer Tom King’s way, which resulted in him hiring a bodyguard named Dave for Comic-Con International in San Diego. Well, it turns out Dave’s services have once again been called upon, only this time it’s at New York Comic Con and for a very different reason.

King tweeted out Dave’s duty for the event this time around after fans kept asking about the bodyguard, revealing he’s guarding Frank Miller’s original cover for The Dark Knight Returns. In his playful tweet, King warned potential thieves about stealing the cover, which has become a cornerstone for the entertainment industry, influencing tons of comics, cartoons and movies, including Zack Snyder’s Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

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People been asking me where body guard David is. He’s busy keeping watch over the original DKR cover.

“I have come for the cover!”

“No, my friend. You have come for your death!”

— Tom King (@TomKingTK) October 6, 2018

With @Jock4twenty and… The… Original… Actual… Cover for Dark Knight Returns #1!!!! (Appraised at 1.5 million!!)

— Scott Snyder NYCC Booth L35 (@Ssnyder1835) October 6, 2018

Earlier, King’s frequent collaborator on books like Mister Miracle and The Sheriff of Babylon, Mitch Gerads, tweeted out his awe at the process Miller went through to create one of the most iconic covers of all time. It’s safe to say Dave might not be just on the lookout for rabid fans, but for comic industry professionals too who are all gawking over Miller’s fine craft.

The original of the DKR #1 cover. I honestly always thought Frank inked a silhouette and the lightning was a dropped in photo. It is not. It’s rad paint and airbrush work.

Anyone spot me a cool couple million? #NYCC

— Mitch Gerads @NYCC K-34 (@MitchGerads) October 5, 2018

King is currently the writer on a number of comics for DC, including Batman, Heroes in Crisis and Superman: Up in the Sky. King won an Eisner Award for Best Writer in 2018.

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