Bendis Gives Details on Young Justice Revival, Wonder Comics

During his New York Comic Con spotlight panel, DC writer Brian Michael Bendis provided some insight into what readers can expect from his and Patrick Gleason’s upcoming Young Justice series and Wonder Comics in general.

Joining the likes of Robin, Superboy and Impulse on the new Young Justice roster will be Amethyst of Gemworld. “Everytime a Crisis happens in the DC Universe, something weird happens in Gemworld, and now they know whose fault it is,” Gleason said of the character.

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Additionally, Jenny Hex, a descendent of Jonah Hex who will first be introduced in Bendis and Nick Darington’s Walmart-exclusive Batman series, and a “Green Lantern hacker” will join the team’s new iteration.

A character named Naomi will also debut in her own solo book as a part of the Wonder Comics imprint. She is described as a “young woman of color who’s growing up in an all-white town who begins to look into her own pre-adoption past to discover a secret that will introduce a whole new mythology to the DC Universe with ripple effects stretching across Wonder Comics and other books.”

Finally, the upcoming Dial H for Hero, written by Sam Humphries and illustrated by Joe Quinones, will take inspiration from various different types of comic books, from classic manga to ’90s Image books. Bendis described the comic’s powerful dial as being “the greatest MacGuffin in the DCU” and stated that everyone will be chasing after its new owner Miguel. Furthermore, he confirmed that the new series will fill readers in on the fate of the Dial’s previous owner Robbie Reed.

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Wonder Comics will launch with Young Justice in January 2019.

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