Bendis’ All-New Wonder Comics Hero Will Affect the Entire DC Universe

Writer Brian Michael Bendis is well-known for his efforts to bring more diversity and inclusivity to the comics industry, having created characters such as Riri Williams and Miles Morales. Now, he’s poised to do the same at DC Comics through his upcoming miniseries Naomi, which will star a young woman of color set to affect the entire DC Universe.

Bendis, speaking at his spotlight panel at New York Comic Con, said Naomi will focus on a young woman of color growing up in an all-white town and looking into her own pre-adoption past to discover a secret. It turns out this is a secret that will introduce a whole new mythology to the DC Universe with the aftershock stretching across Wonder Comics and other books too.

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The book’s co-writer David Walker and artist Jamal Campbell were also in attendance for the panel. Walker revealed that the character was conceived when Bendis was severely ill and hospitalized last year.

Wonder Comics is an upcoming teen-focused, in-continuity imprint curated by Bendis. In addition to Naomi, Bendis will team with artist Patrick Gleason on Young Justice. Writer Mark Russell (The Flintstones) and artist Stephen Byrne (Justice League/Power Rangers) will serve as the creative team on the new Wonder Twins comic, while writer Sam Humphries (Harley Quinn) and artist Joe Quinones (Black Canary/Zatanna) will work on Dial H For Hero.

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