A New DC Hero Picks Up the Dial in Dial H For Hero First Look

The new Dial H For Hero comic, which was announced during this year’s New York Comic Con, will see Robby Reed’s magical dial find a new home with Miguel, a young Hispanic motorcycle rider looking to become a superhero. At a spotlight panel on Brian Michael Bendis this weekend, series artist Joe Quinones shared a first look at the new Dial H and Miguel.

In addition to the cover art for the first issue, Quinones also shared concept illustrations on Twitter. Miguel wears a yellow and black long-sleeved baseball shirt, a motorcycle helmet, a backward cap and a jacket adorned with Superman’s logo on the left sleeve. An unknown female character in a grey coat and tie-dyed knotted shirt will seemingly join Miguel in this story. Classic Superman also features prominently on the cover art, which might mean a cameo from the Last Son of Krypton.

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Some peeks at DIAL H FOR HERO, coming from @BRIANMBENDIS @samhumphries and I next year! pic.twitter.com/m7ywRhYXZE

— Joe Quinones (@Joe_Quinones) October 6, 2018

According to Bendis and Quinones, this iteration of Dial H For Hero is inspired by nearly every form of comic book imaginable, from indie comics to classic manga, and ’90s Image titles. Bendis dubbed the dial the greatest MacGuffin in the DC Universe and that all focus within this world will now be on Miguel. The comic series will also explain what happened to original owner Robby Reed, who once played both hero and villain to his own journey.

Dial H For Hero was created in 1966 by artist Jim Mooney and writer Dave Wood for House of Mystery #156. The original series revolved around Robert “Robby” Reed, a young man who falls into a cave and stumbles upon a magical dial by accident. By dialing in H-E-R-O, Robby can transform into any superpowered being he wishes. The ability is not regulated by any governing body and there are no limits to the dial’s power, making Robby a force to be reckoned with. Over the years, the dial has taken on many forms — sometimes a watch and a necklace, but usually an old school rotary telephone, as in the upcoming version.

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Published by Wonder Comics, Sam Humphries and Joe Quinones’ Dial H For Hero is scheduled for release March 2019.

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