Recommend Me Manga: 15 Psychological Manga Series That Haven’t Been Animated (Yet)

We don’t do manga series in our recommendations here, just anime. However, that doesn’t mean that anime fans don’t want to lie in bed and read a few good chapters quietly before bed. Instead of branching out into manga recommendations, we’re going to give you a few good ones that you can look into. So if you want to read some good psychological manga or are just some sort of anime hipster that wants to be all “I read the manga before it was cool and animated,” then check out these psychological manga recommendations below.

Goodnight Punpun

This is the tale of Onodera Punpun, a young Japanese boy that is growing up. However, while it shows him in four stages of his life, this is no happy tale. It rips the mask off your happy slice of life fairy tale adolescence.

20th Century Boys

Kenji Endo works at a convenience store, but when he discovers a childhood friend of his committed suicide, it prompts him to look further into it. He discovers that his dead friend was associated with a cult leader called Friend. Not only this, but he seems to be targeting Kenji as well as many of his friends from the past. He now must figure out how his past is connected to this cult and what they want.

Liar Game

Nao was named for her honesty, and she has lived up to this. However, her foolish honesty makes her a poor participant for the Liar Game, a game where you deceive others to win big or lose big. Yet, that doesn’t stop a box full of cash and a participation card from arriving at her door. After promptly being swindled of this money, she seeks the help of a genius swindler that was just released from jail.

Yomawari Sensei

This is the story of Mizutani Osamu, a high school teacher that spends his nights on patrol in Yokohama City. He recounts his twelve years spent watching out for the youth that wander the streets at night to escape from their various issues.

The Embalmer

Shinjuurou Mamiya works as an embalmer in Japan, a profession that comes with a large amount of stigma. Outcasted by his community, Mamiya has gained a tremendous amount of insight into death and what it truly means to live.

Top Secret

Top Secret follows a group of detectives that take advantage of the technology to extract more than two years of memories from a person and view them after death. While it helps them unravel many murders, it also has dire implications for personal privacy.

MPD Psycho

Kazuhiko Amamiya is a detective, but he also has multiple personality disorder. Will his many variant personalities help him solve some of the most brutal and twisted cases that come his way or is there something more complex going on.


Struggling with studying for her high school entrance exam, Ayumu asks for help from her friend. Unfortunately, their friendship breaks down when she actually gets a better score than her friend. The loss of the friendship is so painful, she decides to get a fresh start at a new high school, but will her new friends give her what she needs or cause her to spiral deeper?

Eden: It’s an Endless World

After a pandemic kills 15 percent of the world population and cripples many, the secret organization Propater takes over control the world government.  Propater tries to capture a boy and girl immune to the virus and raised in an old virology research center, but they escape. 20 years later, the boy, now the largest drug lord in South America, begins his fight back against the tyrannous Propater.

Bloody Monday

Fujimaru Takagi lives a rather unassuming life, but actually is a hacker responsible for exposing high profile, corrupt individuals. However, with a virus that kills its victims in three hours looms on the horizon, he is pulled into the Public Security Intelligence Agency by his father to help stop this virus from being let loose with his skills.

The Climber

Transferring to a new school, Mori is rather solitary in nature. However, if classmates convince him to scale the school building, which he does. After an exhilaration climb, he has awakened a new passion in life – the sport of rock climbing.


Before her mother died, Kasane was given a tube of lipstick and told if times ever got hard, she should wear it and kiss whatever she desires. However, is this lipstick a blessing or a curse?


In an alternate version of Japan, a law has been passed that legalizes retaliatory killings. This means if someone killed your loved one, you can legally kill or hire someone to kill them. This is the story of one such contract killer and the jobs he takes.

Detonation Islands

After moving to a new school, Kazei Takeshi is invited by his new friend, a motorcycle enthusiast, to meet his gang. With the Zeros, Takeshi comes to love motorcycles, but with this gang comes more violent issues and pressing consequences.


On a chance meeting with a Gothic lolita, Odagiri Tsutomu finds himself recruited into their psychic investigation agency as an assistant in several supernatural cases.

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