When a bitch fell in love "BTS FF"

Hey, guys. I have wattpad and this is the story form my wattpad



"Hey, t/n!!!??? We're having a meeting at 6 PM!!!! We gonna be late!!!"

T/n's father yelled from downstairs

You were to busy thinking what if you don't go to the meeting...what if you act bitch towards your father's friend...

Then the door slam open

"T/n!! We gonna be late! Come on!"

Your father said 

"Ugh! Do I have to go? I hate it already"

You said and roll your eyes

"Yes, darling, you are my daughter after all."

He gave you a smile, you finally got up and went downstairs

*Time skip, at the meeting*

(T/n POV)

I am here to met his friend's son. Why? Because they want me to work with they son! Like wtf??!!! I want to work ALONG!!!! no body except my father knows that I had been Mafia boss before, btw...I missed to old days with my good friend, me and him

We did a lot of shitly things together, by shitly I don't mean sex!!! I mean raping/killing/stalking people/make Fun of them and so much more. Our Mafia gang used to called "Gun and roses" and everyone of us have this logo on our arm. 


Our Gang is not big it just 5 of us, it me. I'm the boss, 2 girls and 2 guys. We are actually very close. They are the closest friends I had. 

Me and my father were standing in front of the meeting door...I can see that he is nervous. He look at me and said 

"T/n...I want you to behave, please t/n. This is very important and I maybe get a job for you here, so please!!! Behave for me, t/n"

I nodded and rolled my eyes while he is not looking. We enter the room, it's was about 6 men. They are in the middle ages and I saw a guy, he is really hot. It's looks like he's e around my age. 

I sat down beside my father and rolled my eyes again.

"Mr. Jeon, this is t/n, my daughter"

My father said and look at me, worried that I won't behave. But it's not gonna kill me if I act nice just one day, right?

"Hi, my name is t/n. It's very nice to meet you"

I said and smile, try my best to "behave"

*10 minutes*

I was sitting here listening to something they're saying, but you know me. I don't give a shit to anything they were saying. I just want to get all of my gang members back!!! They probably had forgotten about me, about our gang, about everything we had done together..

I look at my father and whisper 

"Can I go home now, please?"

"No, please be a bit longer, about 5 more minutes"

He whispered back..

I rolled my eyes and look down that my back dress, I hate everything about this. 

I look back up and seen that Jungkook is looking at me, I smirk...as I thought...he looked at me with lust, it said all over his eyes

*5 minutes later*

I been 5 minutes already, they are still talking???!!!! WTF??!! 

I'm losing my patience! Ugh!!! Fuck! 

I look at my father and whisper again

"Can we get the fuck off out of here?"

"Darling, please...a bit longer"

He look at me with worried face that I would do stupid things. 

That it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm DONE!!! Before I could do anything..

"so miss t/n, want do you want to do in the future?"

My father's friend ask

"Um... that is a very hard question..."

I said and gave him a fake smile

"I have to BEHAVE, Clam down,

t/n. Clam down, don't explode"

I told myself over and over again while biting my teeth

Then the door slowly open...my eyes widen...


I said while still in shock...


He said and walk towards me in shock

"Oh my gosh, it you"

I said and hold my hand in my mouth..

"It's been so long"

He smiled, I smile back

"Good day, Jimin"

Mr. Jeon said 

"Good day, sir"

Jimin sat down beside me

I couldn't believe my eyes... Jimin is one of the members..

Maybe I can get all of the members together again? Yeah! I will..but how? 

Then i got a amazing..or should I say stupid idea...

The underground meeting place, 4 years ago, we had our little secret underground place.... maybe I could get everyone there?..

I will take this risk..I want to see all of the members together. I have to leave, I'm done with this bullshit! I have to get everyone back, I have to!!

I look at Jimin and show him my arm. 

"We are Gun and roses"

I whispered softly to Jimin and stand up. I was about to leave but my farther...

"T/n...where do you think you're going?"

I turn around to face him and everyone else

"I have better thing to do than this.."

I was about to say bullshit then I realized that I have to "behave"...so I just left

"T/n!! Wait!"

I turn around and face that person

"If you think that you would get back the gang, forget about that... because it's not gonna happen....we've changed!"

I walked up to Jimin and hold his collar while looking Jimin straits in his eyes

"Listing, Jimin. You go ahead and think what ever you want but I will get them back!!!!!"

I turn around and about to leave

"I'll help you!"

I turn around to face him..

"For a minutes ago you said that it's impossible and now.. You want help me?!"

He nodded and took off his jacket. He hold up his arm 


I smile, and held up my arm too


we look at each other and laugh

"Get your ass over here, Jimin. We have a lot of things to do"

"Yes, M'lady"

He said and run to catch up with me

We haven't talk like this since... forever!!

I love spending time for Jimin, he is the more warmth hearted person I ever met....

*Time skip, at the bus stop"

(it's Almost might night)

"T/n? Why do you want to get everyone back together again, aren't you better without them? And you can just live without gotten in troubles?... I mean.. aren't you tired of this bullshit? Aren't you...tired of going this?"

"Jimin...you guys are the only reason..I live, I want to get everyone together..and yes, I'm tired of this bullshit..but I will never give up, I want to see you guys together, happy and laughing together as a team"

I said and look at Jimin and back down...

"I will try my best, m'lady"

He said and hold my hand tightly and look into my eyes..

I couldn't believe this...we are making out..

He bite my lower lip, that makes me let out a moan 

"I'm so lucky to have you as my boss, t/n~"

His words always make me wet...


Someone yell...

I break the kiss and look at the person, my eyes widen...

Oh my gosh!!!!!???

To be continued, 


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