Creature Features – 11 Anime Recommendations Featuring Terrifying Creatures

Zombies, demon, witches – anime series can place these classic horror monsters in their anime. However, these days, the best horror anime series feature creatures that are outside that realm. They are new to the world and terrifying because we know nothing of them. If you are looking for these creature features in anime, we have some recommendations.

Tokyo Ghoul

Ghouls in Tokyo Ghoul combine the best parts of zombies with the brains of humans. They can only really survive by eating human flesh, but there are those that believe they can co-exist with humanity. Others believe humanity should be as cattle. The show focuses a lot on these politics, but when you see a ghoul feed, you will see it in your nightmares.


While the creatures in Parasyte are technically aliens that took over human bodies, they transform their flesh into a mass of moving teeth and razor sharp tentacles. For most of them, all they want to do is kill, and are able to do it while blending in.

Elfen Lied

The monsters in Elfen Lied don’t look like monsters. They look like cute anime girls with pink hair. Yet, they are a different species and can use their psychic powers to dismember squishy human flesh in a flash.

Blood C

There are a few anime series that turn into a monster of a week shows, and Blood C can be one of them. The difference is that these monsters are vicious and terrifying. The culmination of this is universally agreed to be the giant, man-eating bunnies.

Blood Blockade Battlefront

Not every creature in Blood Blockade Battlefront is the stuff of nightmares. The whole plot takes place in a city where a lot of different creatures mingle. However, the truly bad ones can be absolutely the escaped convicts of someone’s nightmares. As it features a lot of different creatures, there is a little something to creep everyone out.

Terra Formars

While, at first, Terra Formars has ten tons of fights and bare bones plot, their enemy is pretty obvious. They are fighting giant muscular cockroaches that were originally sent as normal cockroaches to terraform Mars. Now, only those infused with animal DNA have a chance at fighting them.


For much of Ajin, you will sit there trying to figure out why the Ajin are so feared. They are just black shadowy creatures that make people immortal. What the series then explores is the implications. An immortal is someone that even the most successful coup couldn’t unseat if they came to power, and that is quite the dangerous thought.

Knights of SIdonia

Most instances of the Guarna in Knights of Sidonia aren’t that scary, but there are instances where you get a really good look past the pink, phallic mass of tentacles and you discover a heretofore unseen mass of teeth that desire to kill all your favorite characters.

Attack on Titan

The titans in Attack on Titan are what you would get if you combined your mothers smile with the trauma of seeing your grandfather naked, but edited out the genitals. Zombies running full bore to eat you are scary. Make them naked and giant, and you have a true nightmare.


Gantz, too, uses “aliens” as a way to work in terrifying creatures for the humans to fight. The horror comes from the fact that the characters are made out to be very mundane humans and the aliens grow exponentially more wild in design.


While we normally we don’t do OVAs, an exception needs to be made for this. In Gyo, dead fish walk out of the sea on metal legs and start spreading a disease to humans. It is ridiculous, but like all Junji Ito things, also terrifying.

Do you have any more anime recommendations for those looking for terrifying creatures? Let fans know in the comments section below.

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