9 Delusional Anime Characters With Chuunibyou Syndrome

Chuunibyou – it is a term used to describe something that happens to children worldwide. Once you reach a certain age, the cusp of puberty usually, you begin to think you are special. It leads to some cringe-worthy behavior that you will likely regret later. You know, playing with a bit of wood and pretending you are a knight, that awkward goth phase, pretending you are a chosen one – that sort of thing.

If you want to sooth your own past or present cringe with a few like-minded weirdos in anime, they have plenty if you know where to look.

Almost All Characters in Love, Chuunibyou, and Other Delusions

This series is all about Chuunibyou Syndrome. Almost all the characters are either past or present suffers of it. While the series is a lot of comedy and a lot romance, it also goes surprising into detail as to why some characters manifested the syndrome. Usually, it is a taste of healthy escapism taken too far or at least too publicly.

Megumin from Konosuba

Finding a chuunibyou sufferer in a fantasy anime series is not what you expect. Yet, that is part of the comedy. Megumin should be a powerful mage, but she uses all her power to cast one explosion spell per day. She also does so in the most overly ridiculous way possible.

Gundam in Danganronpa 3

You only get to see Gundam in the Zetsubou-hen arc of Danganronpa 3, or the second game if you play the games. However, he is very much a sufferer of chuunibyou syndrome. His manner of dress and speech is odd even for Danganronpa, a series famous for its oddities. To add icing to the Chuunibyou cake, he also has four hamsters he calls his Four Dark Devas of Destruction that do his bidding.

Shun from the Disasterous Life of Saiki K.

Shun is equal parts chuunibyou, paranoia, and multiple personalities. Many of these issues popped up from his desire to be more grown up. Ironically, these issues are keeping him very immature. It is pretty deep and depressing for a character in a comedy series.

Hyouketsu no Judgness from The Lost Village

The Lost Village is all about a bunch of misfits that meet after chatting on the internet, get on a bus, and try to find a lost village. Of course one of those misfits is a guy with an eye patch that very clearly has chuunibyou syndrome.

Blademaster General Zaimokuza from My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

Although his grey hair suggest he is much older, Blademaster General is just an excitable high schooler. He is the kind of guy that likes to do Jojo poses and make up anime sounding attacks. However, most of all, he likes to talk excitedly about his weeb interests.

The Hero Club in Outburst Dreamer Boys

Like Love, Chuunibyou, and Other Delusions, Outburst Dreamer Boys is all about various chuunibyous that get attached to a recent transfer student. They drag her into all their various delusional shenanigans, but do so more for comedy than anything else.

Eiro from Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl

This series is also about those that wrap themselves up in delusions like a comforting blanket. A major character in this is Eiro who believes she is an alien that is tasked with investigating humans.

The Game Creation Club in D-Frag

The female members of the Game Creation Club are rather mild chuunibyou sufferers. As a comedy, their affliction need not be serious. One of the major jokes in the show is that each of the members identifies with an element, and they use that element to torture the male lead.

Do you have any more good anime series featuring chuunibyou characters? Let fans know in the comments section below.

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