Anime Series Like The Daily Lives of High School Boys

This is the tale of three boys that roam the halls of the all-boys school of Sanada North. Their lives are filled with nothing but giant robot drama and true love stories, at least in their imaginations. In reality, these three boys are nothing special, but they try their best to pass the time.

Sometimes life can be the most hilarious thing of all. If you are looking for more anime recommendations like the Daily Lives of High School Boys, then head on down below.

For Fans of Random Comedy


Nichijou is about the daily lives of a trio of three friends who soon find their fate intertwined with a young genius, her robot maid, and talking cat. Needless to say, the normal does not ensue.

You can’t recommend one without the other, really. They are just that similar. The difference is that one follows a group of boys and the other follows girls. You will also note a distinct absurdness in Nichijou, however.

Asobi Asobase

This is the story of three girls that couldn’t be more different. Brought together by classroom games, or their irritation to which, they spend their days fretting over their English scores.

Both series are about school children goofing off an not much else. The real highlight in Asobi Asobase are the facial expressions, and the Daily Lives of High School Boys has a few good ones as well.

Grand Blue

Iori Kitahara is excited to travel to the seaside town of Izu for his first year of college. He moves into his uncle’s scuba shop, Grand Blue, but things don’t go according to plan. Inside the shop is a bunch of naked and drunk upperclassman who get him drunk. After his cousin walks in, his college life starts to derail, but his work getting it back on track doesn’t go quite as planned either.

One might call Grand Blue, “The Daily Lives of College Boys” because it remains extremely similar, but about older folks with a distinct emphasis on the seaside. It is a lot of random comedy, made more random by the addition of liquor.

For Fans of Living Life

You and Me

To four high school boys, school life is nothing but repetitive classes, arguments, and orientations that are constantly preparing them for careers too distant in the future. However, after realizing the right group of friends can help brighten things up, they seek to bring excitement to their dull school days.

Think of You and Me as The Daily Lives of High School Boys if it was less of a comedy and had some more poignant moments to it. Sure, it is still funny, but it is also about figuring life out.


This is the story of three sisters: the responsible high school-aged Haruka, wild child middle schooler Kana, and the devious elementary school-aged Chiaki. They live together without their parents and go about their surprisingly average life. Helping each other get through everything from love confessions to cooking, this is the story of three average girls doing normal and slightly abnormal things.

Both shows are about people living their comical lives that are occasionally invaded by wacky side characters. However, instead of being friends, Minami-ke focuses on sisters that span each major era of school.

Azumanga Daioh

When the 10-year-old child prodigy joins the freshmen high school class, she is one of the strangest additions to the class. However, with a whole slew of equally curious girls, including their homeroom teacher, strange is a relative word.

While it is of an age now, you couldn’t think of random comedy anime without thinking of Azumanga Daioh. It is a little more wacky than High School Boys, but focuses on comedy that can extend from daily life.

For Fans of Relatable Situations

The Devil is a Part Timer

Just as he was on the cusp of conquering his world, Satan is thrown through a portal to Tokyo. Although he cannot use magic in this world, he is still motivated to conquer it, but first, he must get a job and pay his rent on time.

Despite the supernatural difference in The Devil is a Part Timer, I think there is something that everyone can bond with about some once-awesome anime character having to work a McJob. This is in the same vein as the silly camaraderie comedy that comes from The Daily Lives of High School Boys.

Chio’s School Road

This is the story of Chio, a young bookworm, and her daily walk to school. Of course, she won’t be getting to school anytime soon as her usual route usually takes her weirdly off course.

Instead of taking their randomness into a classroom, Chio’s School Road is much about the weird crap that happens to her on the way to school. A lot of references and a lot of absurdity ensue.

Plastic Neesan

Iroe Genma is often referred to as Elder Sister, despite her short height. She is the president of the model club with her two very different underclassmen. Together they attempt to carry out club activities, despite many distractions.

Both shows use a similar sort of comedy that focuses on school children. The genders may be different, but much of the jokes are the same.

Do you have any more anime series similar to the Daily Lives of High School Boys? Let fans know in the comments section below.

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