How cultivation ruined Manhwas!

From time immemorial, I had been an avid reader of cultivation manhwa as well as their contemporary novels. After spending several years reading cultivation novels and manhwa, I have to say that I have come to hate most of them. There are some excellent gems out there, other than that pretty much everything is trash. In this article, I would like to discuss about the manhwas ruined by introducing cultivation in them. Some kicked off very good and turned into batshit trash. Let's see which all! (These opinions are solely possible and in no way intended to disdain content creators as well as translators. These should be taken as the venting of a poor fan)

1. Versatile Mage

Who is a mage? Someone who manipulates mana and produce magic. A failure of a student who gets a rare(?) necklace that changes the world into one of mages. Or, is he transported into a different world. One thing for sure is that he was not taken away by a truck-san. So, he readily accepts the magic world. Then what happened to his only father in the normal world. If the normal world merged with the mage world, then the necklace is too powerful. Then, what is he doing in school instead of studying the necklace. Even if you managed to suck up all of these because the trash hero got rare superpowers and it's a zero to hero manhwa, you can't help but feel that the world development is kind of good.

Mana exists. Mages manipulates mana to perform magic. The scientific community aka biology is at odds with magical community aka mages. They go so far as to fight with highschool students instead of being responsible Old Men. Okay, some things are crappy, but still, just imagine the potential it had. Everything was going great until they started farming, or should I say cultivation 😂

Mages cultivate. Scientists cultivate. If that's not enough, most cultivators hate MC except for ladies. Insanely OP MC, Harem and cultivation. I don't know what rock the author is living under but he is writing the same story with changing the name of the antagonist. Villain X picks a fight with MC. MC beats him. He picks the fight again and MC kills him. Villain Y picks fight with MC. He's also beaten. Then Y picks fight again and he is also killed. Woman A hates MC in one chapter, next chapter she's jumping on his di*k. Woman B hates MC in one chapter, she sucks his di*k on the next chapter.

2. Metropolitan System

Dude, you died and reincarnated. Why do you need to cultivate and overcome realms when you already have a system. Why do X, Y and Z have a problem with you alone. Oh, is it because they are male? Did you kill them? Did you sleep with A, B and C. Is this written by a teenage chunni who happens to be a social degenerate?

3. Iron Ladies

Instead of sleeping with your countless busty ladies, what the hell are you cultivating? And girls, are you stupid in the first place? Why do you need a stupid fleet admiral or royal when you are insanely OP in the first place? Is the author chauvinistic? Why do the big ti*ted ladies bow down to the guys who have no power at all except for the MC? And MC, are you gonna sleep with the horse mother and daughter duo? What would their children call each other?

4. Strongest blah blah blah

Substitute for abandoned son or god king or soldier or wtf.

My dear readers who rate five stars for all this seemingly same shit, please hold on a second and think whether these are actually worth being the top in the popularity list? I'll keep you updated on more shit like thism

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Jun 07, 2021
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