10 Shocking Life-Threatening Complications Occur Due To Smoking


<p>Even though many people consider smoking to be glamorous and sophisticated, it can actually have some very harmful effects on the body. It increases your risk of dying from all causes instead of just tobacco-related ones like lung cancer or emphysema. Smoking affects a number of different systems in the human body, including respiratory function, circulation, skin health, and eyesight. It also makes you more susceptible to other serious medical conditions such as heart disease and even cancer.</p>

<p>There are over 5000 chemicals in a cigarette, and more than 400 of them can be poisonous and cause cancer. Over the years, many studies revealed on smokers to figure out what exactly happens inside their bodies when they light up.</p>

<p>Now in this century, vaping is the latest way of smoking which made people to smoke in modern style. vape is also available in different flavor with the&nbsp;<a href="https://stampaprints.com/vape-cartridge-packaging/">vape packaging&nbsp;</a>boxes which shows that its is classy and cool to take vape. but it still has some adverse effect on body which k smoking cigarette do have.</p>

<p><strong>Following are ten threats of smoking which causes life in danger:</strong></p>

<h2>Risk Of Cancer</h2>

<p>Many people know that smoking cigarettes is bad for the lungs and are associated with lung cancer. But did you also know that smoking can also cause other forms of cancers. Smoking increases your risk of getting bladder, stomach, or even esophageal cancer.</p>

<p>Researchers says that smoking increases the risks for many types of cancer, including those of the lungs, head/neck regions, liver , pancreas, and kidneys . But while other factors like diet or genetics can influence an individual's likelihood of developing specific forms of these diseases (e.g., viruses play a role in oropharyngeal tumors).</p>

<h2>Damage Of Lungs</h2>

<p>Cigarette smoking is a major cause of pulmonary disease. Cigarette smoke causes 80 percent of COPD deaths, which is too much for any country. It is also responsible for causing emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Cigarette smoke can induce or make an asthma attack worse for the smokers and even people around him.</p>

<p>smokers do not inhale nicotine through cigarette or vape but also there are many other chemicals. Which causes damage to every organ inside your body.</p>

<h2>Heart Problems</h2>

<p>One of the most severe consequences to smoking is atherosclerosis, which are plaques that build up in major blood vessels. Atherosclerosis can lead to dangerous blockages and a decrease in circulation throughout the body. This puts smokers at risk for heart attacks or strokes.</p>

<p>Smoking cigarettes also leads to peripheral artery disease (PAD), where arteries narrow down leading to less oxygenated blood flow. This blood needs to reach your extremities may experiencing chest pain. Other symptoms associated with coronary artery disease such as a stroke, aneurysm or even death from cardiac arrest.</p>

<h2>Lessen The Immunity System</h2>

<p>Smoking cigarettes weaken the immunity system, making it harder for your body to fight off common illnesses. The more you smoke, the worse this effect becomes as smoking causes additional inflammation in the body.</p>

<h2>Effect Reproductive System Of Both Men And Women</h2>

<p>Cigarette smoking can damage a female's reproductive system and make it more difficult to get pregnant. Cigarettes may be damaging because the chemicals in cigarettes affect hormone levels, which are vital for reproduction.</p>

<p>Smoking also affects sperm quality as well as male sexual health such that males who smoke experience erectile dysfunction at higher rates than non-smokers do.</p>

<h2>Fall Of Hairs</h2>

<p>Smoking can damage hair. Smoking affects how your hair smells, and it can contribute to loss of hair or thinning out of the scalp so that there is visible balding.</p>

<p>The effects of smoking on hair vary from person to person. Some people are not affected at all, but others may experience changes in the smell and texture of their hair. Even balding due to reduced blood flow reaching the scalp.</p>

<h2>Deadness Of Skin And Lip Cells</h2>

<p>Skin that has been damaged by smoking may make a person look older than they actually are. This is due to the effects of wrinkles, which become more prominent with age. And can also lead to skin cancer on parts such as the lips or near eye-lids because it damages DNA in healthy cells. we can see a clear image on the&nbsp;<a href="https://stampaprints.com/cigarette-boxes/">custom cigarette boxes&nbsp;</a>which shows cancerous mouth on it. This shows that mostly it effects to the lips.</p>

<h2>Low Vision</h2>

<p>Unfortunately, smoking cigarettes can cause a multitude of vision problems. This includes:</p>

<p>1) Dry eyes and glaucoma&nbsp;</p>

<p>2) Age-related macular degeneration (AMD), which is characterized by severe loss of central vision in the eye's retina. Which results from either scarring or decreased blood flow to this area. AMD usually affects only one eye at first but causes painless blurring or shadowing within your field of view.</p>

<h2>Chances Of Diabetes</h2>

<p>The CDC warns of the dangers that smoking poses to people with diabetes. They state that those who light up regularly have a 30&ndash;40 percent higher risk than non-smokers. Smoking can also act as an obstacle to effective treatment for this condition. Diabetic smokers often find it more difficult to manage their blood glucose levels. This is due to constant nicotine cravings and complications associated with medication use such as insulin injections.</p>

<h2>Unhygienic Oral Diseases.</h2>

<p>People who smoke have a higher chance of developing gum disease. The risk increases if they smoke more cigarettes per day, too.</p>

<p>Chewing on a toothpick is one way people can reduce their symptoms of gum disease. Gum health also affects the ability to taste and smell things properly. Which makes smoking tobacco dangerous for those affected by this condition.</p>

<p>Furthermore, smoking tobacco may limit a person's ability to taste and smell things properly which in turn staining the teeth yellow or brown.</p>

<p><strong>the final thought:</strong></p>

<p>Smokers who want to improve their overall health should stop smoking, as the benefits start accumulating immediately. These include clearer skin and improved oral health, more stable hormones and a stronger immune system. This happens against infections like colds or flu that can cause serious illness if contracted by people with compromised immunity. There is also an associated reduction in risk of many forms of cancer, including lung cancer (upwards from 20%) among smokers over 50 years old.</p>

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