Finding a transfer-proof, long-lasting liquid lipstick that stays with you in thick and thin is definitely tricky, but now it’s a lot more so. Now, we wish a formula that doesn’t bleed or smudge beneath your much-needed mask. With lips firmly covered, we are increasingly shifting towards our stunning eyes for creative expression. But, as face covering will probably remain the most important part of your life, there is no need to stop decorating your lips for good. Although you can surely choose the best transfer-proof lipsticks from the market, why splurge when you're able to make your reliable lipstick mask proof with one beauty hack. Scroll down for 4 easy steps to keep your lipstick protected all day long. 

#Step 1: Prep and Hydrate your Lips

TBH. No lipstick can take its claim against chapped lips. Start prepping your lips by exfoliating them with a gentle scrub. Abide by it up with hydrating lip balm that not merely keeps your pout soft and supple but also maximizes the stamina of your chosen lipstick shade.

#Step 2: Do not forget to Line the Lips

Before you grab your favourite lippie, make sure you line your lips. Trust us and make lip liners your best friend. This genius product adds depth and definition to your lips and enhances the color of the lipstick shade amidst keeping it from smudging and transferring. Use a smear-proof formula that maintains the lip edges flawless and clean.

#Step 3: Switch to Matte Lipsticks

You may have given your heart to creamy lipsticks and lip glosses, however they are a big no-no when it comes to face masks. It’s easier to shift to matte formula-this will keep your formula less likely from smudging beneath the mask.

#Step 4: Blot and Dab

Although liquid lipsticks are super easy to apply and provide stunning opaque coverage the whole day if you are looking for extreme stamina, just blot and dab. Gently place a bit of tissue paper over your lips and dab a tiny amount of translucent powder over the tissue. Dust off the excess and gently take away the paper. This technique removes excess colour, oil and unneeded moisture that will make the lipstick budge, causing you to clear of worry of lipstick transfer, plus you get an instant matte finish. Make an email that translucent powder can make your lips drier, so hydrate just as much as you can.

Now, don’t allow essential mask come in just how of your beautiful looking bold pout.  Hopefully, these few tweaks in your daily lipstick routine will get you those mask proof and bleed-free lips.

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