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Heya folks, my name's AngusX, and I very-very much have no life. I am extremely fluent in the English language, which ever form of expressing it that might entail. A 17-year-old idiot who has too much free time on his hands, but what's that have to do with anything?

My standards for any story are fairly high; I read a lot. My rankings go based off the star system here in out home "Manga Dogs." I will read stories I find interesting based on either the title or the cover, and after a few chapters I'll guage what the impression that it left upon me.

Five stars: absolutely amazing, great and creative plot, the characters are well executed, is super hooking, and definitely something you should read.

Four stars: pretty good, good plot, the characters feel like people, the story is entertaining and whatnot, and I'd recommend seeing if you like it or not.

Three stars: it's decent. I probably quit mid way through reading it because the plot is shallow, dull, and gets boring/repetitive. The characters are okay, they don't have much in terms of personality and/or depth. It could be for you depending on what you like in a story.

Two stars: bad, it's really hard to get into the story, translations and grammar are probably off as well as the art being mediocre. The characters are robots, no depth or correlation between their actions and words, and the plot is cliche, seen everywhere and probably really boring to read.

One star: no. The characters aren't even characters anymore, the plot is either super confusing or just really bad and weird. Art isn't up to par and everything feels pointless when reading it. Never would I recommend one of these.

Well then, now that you've learned what I do, I think I'll be using this section of my profile to post in depth reviews of stories that either get five or four star ratings, since those would be worth the pain of typing alot.

I don't really have a category that I cannot evaluate, only exceptions are Yuri and Yaoi, since I can't really get into stories like that, (not a homophobe, just not my cup of tea).

Do check out my comments, depending on my rating of a story, you might find it interesting/know to stay away from it and not waste time. Anyway, I've got stuff to do, don't I? I'll catch you around, stranger.

Yours truly, AngusX

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