Here's How To Guarantee A Passing Score On The EMC DES-1D12 Exam

Passing the EMC DES-1D12 exam is not an easy task. This is a certification that is required for the responsibilities of many IT-related professions. With more than 1 million professionals holding this cert, there are high standards of success, and you must work diligently to pass it on your first try.

We already know this exam is challenging and complex, so naturally, questions about how to write answers for specific exams will sometimes come up. We have put together an article with tips on guaranteeing a passing score on the EMC DES-1D12 exam. Let's get started.


What Is the EMC DES-1D12 Exam?

DES-1D12 Specialist – Technology Architect, Midrange Storage Solutions Exam is a qualifying exam for the Specialist – Technology Architect, Midrange Storage (DCS-TA) track. This exam tests the candidate's knowledge to design solutions for Dell EMC Unity and PowerStore. This exam also tests the candidate's knowledge of key product features of both storage systems.

If you are looking for a job as a Technical Specialist or want to remain qualified for your purposes, then you need to pass the EMC DES-1D12 exam. Many people can take up this test without any prior preparation. However, most people find that taking a few extra steps allows them to prepare adequately and pass the DES-1D12 exam. For example, you can learn about the basic concepts of technology architecture, how it is essential in the IT industry and why it is relevant even though it is not practical.


EMC DES-1D12 Exam Basic Information

Exam Name: Specialist - Technology Architect Midrange Storage Solutions

Exam Code: DES-1D12

Duration: 120 minutes

Number of Questions: 60

Passing score: 60%

Exam Cost: $230 (USD)

Certification Provider: Dell EMC


EMC DES-1D12 Exam Format:

The DES-1D12 exam is a multiple-choice test that contains 60 questions. The difficulty level is average, meaning the questions are more complex than those found in essential exams but less complicated than those found in complex tests.


EMC DES-1D12 Exam Knowledge Areas:

The exam tests a candidate's understanding of mid-range storage solutions, specifically around Dell EMC Unity and PowerStore. The test will cover the following areas:

  • Storage Architecture

  • Storage Systems and Architectures

  • Unified Storage Architecture

  • Storage Solutions

  • Self-Service, Automation, and Remote Access

  • Data Protection

Focusing on these areas will increase the likelihood of passing the exam.


Which Study Material Is Covering These Areas?

Many DES-1D12 exam study material providers are in the market, but they are not accurate. If you want to get the latest and valid information about the DES-1D12 exam, then we recommend you to study with Realbraindumps DES-1D12 exam prep material. This will be very helpful to you in preparing for and passing the exam. We have provided certifications study resources since 2012, and our DES-1D12 exam prep material is trendy now.


What Included In Realbraindumps DES-1D12 Exam Prep Material?

DES-1D12 exam prep material will be a combination of the following:

  • Verified EMC Des-1D12 exam questions to ensure you are prepared for this exam.

  • Study guide and updated educational material to help you pass the EMC DES-1D12 exam more confidently.

  • Tips and tricks you need to know to pass the EMC DES-1D12 exam.

  • Free customer service to help you with your every question.

  • 100% money back guarantee to provide you 100% refund if your Des-1D12 exam prep material is not helping you.

  • Realbraindumps DES-1D12 exam braindumps contain all scanned questions from the real EMC DES-1D12 exam questions.


What Realbraindumps Customers Says About Their Prep Material?

Realbraindumps is one of the most reliable EMC DES-1D12 exam training materials providers. Realbraindumps provides the latest and valid EMC DES-1D12 exam questions to make you pass this test in no time. The Realbraindumps are full of high-quality study material to cover all important topics related to the DES-1D12 exam. Here are some reviews of our customers.

Brinley Frances Says:

I never bought exam prep material before that could help me pass the DES-1D12 exam. I recommend everyone to purchase Realbraindumps EMC DES-1D12 exam preparation material without hesitation because this means you are 100% sure to pass the EMC DES-1D12 exam.

Rahul Singh Says:

I am going through it time and time again and must say thank you for your great DES-1D12 exam preparation material. I never thought I could pass the DES-1D12 using only online study materials, but with your help, I did it in no time! So, thumbs up! You are awesome! Keep it up.

Alicia Lexi Says:

I never thought I could pass this DES-1D12 exam on the first attempt. But, Realbraindumps EMC DES-1D12 exam preparation material is helping me to beat this exam.

Cassandra Neil Says:

I am pleased to have purchased the EMC DES-1D12 exam preparation materials from Realbraindumps because I have now comfortably passed this test. This way, you can pass other important certification exams too with ease! Thanks for such excellent EMC certification study material!

With the help of these products, I am a more confident professional now and successfully passed my EMC DES-1D12 certification.

So, if you are preparing for this test and want to pass it on the very first attempt, then we recommend you purchase our EMC exam prep product. You can access this product whenever you want at a very reasonable price. Our support team is always available for help. You can send your queries anytime, anywhere. We will try our best to solve all your issues as soon as possible.


Who Should Apply For the EMC DES-1D12 Exam?

Anyone looking for a job in the IT industry, specifically in software development, should try to pass the EMC DES-1D12 exam. The DES-1D12 exam will test your knowledge of Dell EMC Unity and PowerStore. An employee taking this test can expect to work with these products regularly or at least handle some of the issues that come up if they are not using these products.

People who took the DES-1D12 exam said it was an enjoyable experience because you can learn about many different topics when sitting for an IT certification test.



We hope you found this blog post helpful. Please note that we update information regularly, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments. We will respond as soon as possible.

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