Get A Guide About How to reset canon printer to factory settings

In this post, we are going to explain how to Reset Canon Printer back to factory default settings. To know more about How to reset canon printer to factory settings. If your printer is showing any kind of error on the screen or it is not working properly, you can hard reset your printer. It will solve your problem in most of the common errors usually users face. We will tell you how to perform Hard reset in just a few easy steps.

Canon printers are quite known for their top-notch print services and exceptional features across the world. However, there are times when Canon users face issues with their printing devices, and this sometimes leads to resetting their devices.  In addition, due to daily developments in the device’s systems and user interfaces, users also face confusion with the printer reset process. Now, if you are also a Canon printer user and have been looking for info on the device reset process, then you can refer to this guide here. Here, you’ll be guided with all kinds of ways on how to reset a Canon printer.

How to reset Canon printer:

  1. Power off your Canon printer without unplugging it. Then Put a piece of paper in the tray. Make sure that the paper is of the right size.

  2. Tap the stop key (the key with a red triangle on it) and then turn on your printing machine. 

  3. Next, tap the power key and press the stop key five times on the trot. The green light next to the power key will start to blink. Wait for some time until the light stops blinking.

  4. Now, press the stop button five times and press the power button once. You will receive a print on the paper in the tray. In the meantime, you will see the green light blinking for some time. Wait until you get the printout.

  5. After receiving the printout, put the paper back in the tray once again. 

  6. Press the stop button three times followed by the power key. You will get another printout.

Easy Steps to Factory Reset Option:

Resetting canon printer will reinstall the canon printer back to its original state as it was installed in the starting. Reset option will remove all the settings and adjustment that you saved previously. You need to reconnect your printer with a wireless or wired network. After network connection, you need to setup canon printer on windows pc.

  1. Switch on Printer and Open menu

  2. User Arrow to select the setup menu

  3. Visit Device Setting and Click on “Ok”

  4. Select “Reset Setting” option

  5. Now, Press “Ok” to start the process.

If you are a Canon printer user, you can follow the steps given below:

1- Procedure to refresh canon printer:

The factory refresh Canon printer feature brings the printer back to its normal operations. Canon printer reset eradicates a gamut of minor as well as serious issues including slow printing, a majority of error codes, etc. There are a number of ways of resetting the printer and this blog shall touch the topics of Power reboot of Canon printer, ink reset of Canon printer, and hard reset of Canon printer.

2- Power Reboot Canon Printer:

This method is a soft reset method, nonetheless has the ability to ward off several issues. The procedure to do the same is

  • Turn off your printer and unplug the power cord from the Canon printer.

  • After halting for a few minutes, plug the power cord. To know mre about Canon printer reset settings

  • Switch on the printer and try a sample print to see if the issue is fixed.

Conclusion: If you are not sure whether you would be able to perform all the steps on your own, the wise thing to do would be to either consult a agent or have someone who has a sound knowledge of resetting Canon printers. This way, you would be able to keep the possibility of wheeling your machine to a service centre at bay.

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