The Strongest Dull Prince’s Secret Battle For The Throne
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Alternative(s): Saikyou Degarashi Ouji no An’yaku Teii Arasoi Munou wo Enjiru SS Rank Ouji wa Koui Keishou-sen wo Kage kara Shihai Suru ; The strongest dull prince secret battle for the throne.~I don’t care about the throne but since I don’t want to die, I think I will make my little brother the emperor~ ; The Strongest Dull Prince’s Secret Battle for the Throne ; 最強出涸らし皇子の暗躍帝位争い~帝位に興味ないですが、死ぬのは嫌なので弟を皇帝にしようと思います~
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Language: English
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