Grant Morrison Is Already Working On The Green Lantern: Season 2

From the Doom Patrol to the Flash, Grant Morrison is well-known for taking a unique approach to the world of superheroes and putting the characters in the most surreal adventures imaginable. Soon, Morrison will try his hand at penning a Green Lantern tale, as announced back in July when Morrison was confirmed to be writing a new series for Hal Jordan with artist Liam Sharpe. That series will simply be called The Green Lantern.

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Before the comic has even launched, though, Morrison has announced he’s already planning what’s to come for the comic’s “second season.” When talking about the comic in an interview in DC Nation magazine, Morrison stated he already had the next series of issues planned out because he “couldn’t help [himself].”

“But we’ll wait and see,” said Morrison. “We’re just starting out, but once I start thinking about stories, the stories put out roots and they won’t stop growing. I’ve got a ton of great ideas for the next bunch, but I think the important thing is to get through this lot, and we’ve already got some really big ideas for this, so I think people will be interested to see.”

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While Morrison didn’t delve too much into the details, it sounds like he has big things planned for the Emerald Gladiator, and is getting ready to take Hal Jordan and readers on fantastic new adventures throughout the cosmos.

The Green Lantern # 1, written by Grant Morrison and penciled by Liam Sharpe, is set to be released later this year.

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