Bendis Explains How Young Justice Will Work With DC’s Rebirth Continuity

Brian Michael Bendis finally announced his new DC pop-up imprint, Wonder Comics, at New York Comic Con, with the line heralding the return of the fan-favorite series, Young Justice. Now, the writer has revealed more details on how the reunion between Robin (Tim Drake), Conner Kent and Impulse (Bart Allen) will unfold and connect to the ongoing DC Rebirth continuity.

“Everybody knew about Conner, everybody was working towards finding ways to show those connective tissues. It’s all been connected,” Bendis told IGN. “We’ve all been working to tease out the logistics of bringing him back,” Bendis explained. “We find him in the most surprising place you could find him and I got to write my favorite line of dialogue ever. Bart sees him and says, ‘Oh my god, Conner, how are you here? How did you grow a beard?'”

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While DC has reintroduced many pre-New 52 concepts and characters since the start of the Rebirth era, Conner Kent has remained missing-in-action. However, Bendis would also confirm Tim Drake, Bart Allen and the other members of Young Justice currently appearing in the DC Universe will be the same ones starring in the upcoming series.

“They’re all the characters from main continuity,” Bendis laughed. “These are main continuity, from-the-other-books characters. Main universe, main timeline characters.” With Conner’s return, Bendis assured this doesn’t mean Jonathan Kent, who currently holds the Superboy moniker, will be going away. “Jon’s story is unfolding in Superman and will be coming back in Superman #6 with a lot to work with. His story is a big one.”

Young Justice, by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Patrick Gleason, debuts January 2019 from DC Comics.

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