10 Anime Series Where the Main Character Takes No Sh*T

The creation of an interesting main character of a series is a difficult one. You don’t want any Gary Stu’s or Mary Sue’s that are just perfect in every way. You need to leave some room for growth or, at least, comedy. Too often this results in your main characters less than confident. They constantly try to justify their actions to others, or more specifically in the male main character’s case, gets barked at by a tsundere for whatever they do.

It’s difficult to write an interesting main character that is confident, but also interesting and not just ridiculously overpowered. If you are looking for a main character that just doesn’t take any shit, you might want to give these anime series a try.

The Rising of the Shield Hero

The newest anime on this list is also the most applicable to this topic. In the world that the man that would be the shield hero was summoned to, the shield hero is considered the weakest of the four weapon-based heroes. More than that, it seems he is downright hated by the royalty of the kingdom. This leads to a devastating betrayal early on and the man that comes out the other side of that betrayal is cold and shrewd for his own survival. Yet, you still see moments of compassion without downright weakness.

Food Wars

There are plenty of cooking anime series about a main character that is bad at cooking, but wants to be better. This is not that. Raised by a chef, the main character has tremendous cooking ability, so much so that it has made him pretty arrogant about it. Yet, the series explores his culinary growth without breaking down any of that confidence. Furthermore, while there are women with strong personalities, he never is one to not stand up to them.

One Punch Man

When you can defeat any enemy with one punch, as is the case for the main character here, it kind of leaves no room for a lack of confidence. However, Saitama’s confidence in his own abilities goes right past confidence into a form of apathy that made this pleasant to watch as there is really no need for him to take shit, despite many attempts.

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

At a glance, this seems like a standard rom-com. You have a cold and apathetic main character and think, “oh, he’s probably going to end up under the thumb of a tsundere that warms his heart.” However, this is not the case. Throughout the series and through the many interactions with the various women he meets, Hachiman stands down to no one. He always has the confidence to stand up to any situation in a calm and confident manner.

One Outs

Don’t look at this like a sports anime because it is so much more. It is more about gambling than traditional baseball, and as such, the main character is a confident gambler. He is excellent at reading people, and that makes him at the top of his game. No matter what happens, it is just a setback and he always has a plan.

Kaze no Stigma

After being outcasted by his own family, it made the main character here come with a hardened heart, but built up who he is. After fostering his own powers, he has become self-assured who he is to the point where he becomes a bit arrogant about it. While you may worry about the fiery redhead female lead, he won’t back down from her either.

Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero

An ecchi idea where the main character is so confident that he doesn’t even get embarrassed at ecchi situations? Scandalous! The very idea! Well, anyway, that is the idea. In fact, this main character goes so far as to manipulate situations into becoming ecchi or doing questionable things like making women pee themselves. He’s kind of a douche, to be honest, but he fits this bill.


Everything the main character does in this series is a calculation. If he needs to act meek or even weak, there is a greater motivation behind it. However, when it is time to flex, he is more than willing to do so, no matter what happens and who gets hurt by it. He also needs to run a careful balance between keeping his subordinates loyal and in awe of his power while not sacrificing what little humanity he thinks he has, which is interesting in and of itself.

Code Geass

Similar to Momonga in Overlord above, Lelouch in Code Geass only does something for a purpose. He puts on a friendly innocent face to seem normal for his classmates, but he is calculating as the best of them, aided even further by his Geass power. You need the kind of character like Lelouch to start a war against an empire and it grows to an impressive degree.

Seven Deadly Sins

Throughout the Seven Deadly Sins, you watch the Sins talk some shit to each other, but you also see that every member has a tremendous amount of power to back up that talk. It is what makes them confident and what makes them friends. It is a mutual respect, so when you see someone outside that group start a fight, it becomes amusing to watch them get crushed.

Got any more anime series that feature confident main characters? Let fans know in the comments section below.

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