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Have you ever been highly stressed when picking the most expensive product but it does not suit your needs? Or, have you ever bought an overpriced item and been extremely frustrated? 

Even though you have spent a huge amount of money and time to research, you were not able to select the right item. We are sure that you might face this shopping experience (for both offline and online) at least once a year.

Don’t worry! Let TheKingLive take your stress away from now on! We are here to make your choice right by providing you with the widest range of top product reviews and best buying guides. As always, we are happy if you are satisfied with our picks.

Our Values

Our TheKingLive team aims at bringing value to all readers and shoppers around the world through offering the most reliable source of best product reviews. Your trust is important and empowers us to work at our full potential.

Our vision is to become an open “home” for the best-in-class product reviews and buying guide. To do this successfully, we focus on making one’s life improved by providing practical tips and useful advice for readers. We grouped our site into four essential categories in which we believe play a significant part to navigate yourself: Kitchen & Dining, Babies & Kids, Outdoors, and Home & Garden.

Who are we?

Our TheKingLive team is a group of individuals, writers, and editors with different backgrounds but working with the same vision. We come from different regions but have a very strong passion for each of our public posts on all platforms such as the official website, social media, and our Youtube channel. Our posts include product reviews, tips and tricks, how-to guides, and more.

We worked together and connected as a team to bring the best reviews guide for fourmain product categories: Kitchen & Dining, Babies & Kids, Outdoor Tools, and Home & Garden.

  • Kitchen & Dining: We test and provide readers and shoppers with a wide range of trusted reviews for kitchen & dining products such as coffee maker machines, coffee grinders, and pressure cookers.

  • Babies & Kids: At TheKingLive, only the best baby monitors and breast pumps are selected to write top reviews and how-to tips. Plus, parents should not miss out on our best promotion deal offered just for you.

  • Outdoor: For camping and trekking lovers, we are pleased to share with you our buying guide for items including hiking boots and pants, multi-tools, pocket knife, and coolers.

  • Home & Garden: We care about the living standards of all readers and put effort into every single top review for home and cleaning products, especially vacuum cleaners, pressure washers, cordless drills, and mattress toppers.

What Do We Do?

Our editors and writers do not mind spending a hundred hours researching certain products in the same category to make a fair comparison. We have young team members with various backgrounds and some are even experts in their industry. Our team has professional industrial engineers, coffee lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and fathers and mothers of babies and infants.

For kitchen & dining: We used more than 100 product models in the same category and listed down the pros and cons of each in terms of time-efficiency, and work performance to see if it truly helps users much or not. 

If a machine makes no change to one’s life, we will not suggest you buy it. We frequently hear feedback from experienced chefs, housewives, and modern mothers and fathers as a part of our daily job tasks. Further than this, we would love to share our best product reviews with all of our TheKingLive readers worldwide.

We collected information from experienced parents for the babies and kids section to find the best breast pump and baby monitor. We also compared and evaluated a hundred products to recommend you the best one available on the market. This section is also one of our top priority sections.

For the outdoor section, we gather ideas and host interviews with professional hikers, camping lovers, and manufacturers to make sure each of our reviews shared is fair and accurate.

For the home & garden appliance section, we looked carefully at the function a machine offers. For instance, we used two models from two brands of upright vacuum cleaners to do the same task – remove pet hair. Then, we recorded the work performance of each one.

To what we have done in the past, and as having said by one of our readers, “you can always find the top reviews by simply reaching TheKingLive website”

How Do We Earn?

We cannot operate TheKingLive without your trust and loyalty. To answer the question “How much does TheKingLive earn?”, we could say that it all depends on How much you trust us. If you believe in our product reviews, you are likely to recommend us to more and more people around you. Then we will have more chances to earn affiliate commissions from our retailers.

Our TheKingLive editorial team is not aware of any business operations or revenue production, so what we write and share with the public is fair and trusted. Our articles regarding reviews, top picks, how-to guides, tips & tricks, Q&A, stories, and more, are reliable because we – as editors-are not affected much by the business situation, while the company’s incentive mostly depends on your needs for a certain product.

Meet One of Our Valuable Team Members Guadalupe Sullivan 

Guadalupe joined our TheKingLive team as an Executive Editor from our very first days of operation. All of her content shows enthusiasm for improving people’s standard of living. Home and garden is her favored section for sharing wide knowledge and experience. 

In her spare time, she enjoys watching comedy movies, spending time with her lovedones – her partner and her ginger cocktail spaniel in Massachusetts city, where she has relocated to this year. Find out more articles from Guadalupe and meet our editorial team members here at TheKingLive.

Contact us

Phone: (1) 206-656-1275

Address: 4150 Portillo Rd #29, Spring Hill, FL 34608, United States

Email: [email protected]

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