How to Reset a Brother Toner Counter

A warning message such as "toner low" or "change toner" may occasionally continue to appear on your printer after changing a Brother toner cartridge or a comparable Brother toner cartridge.

In this post, you can continue printing by learning how to reset the Brother printer's toner counter.

What is the Toner Counter on a Brother Printer?

Toner counters on a printer serve as general estimates for when a toner needs to be replaced.

Some laserjet printers rely on resetting the page counter when a fresh toner is added since they cannot read the toner itself.

Sometimes the printer fails to reset the toner, which results in an incorrect toner level display for the contents of the cartridge. If the user hasn't reset the toner, Brother toners can't produce an accurate toner level since they can't read it.

The Brother printer will display an error if it doesn't recognise the cartridge as fresh. This may be caused by improper toner installation or chip identification issues. When using Brother toner, a mistake occasionally happens before the toner cartridge itself is empty. The Brother printer will show "replace toner" or words. On inspection, the toner will still seem brand new.

This may occur if the toner counter was not reset after the new cartridge was installed or if the few documents produced exceeded the printer's built-in page counter estimates. A quick reset on your printer will allow you to disregard the notification and fix the issue.

The best approach is to check for faults or determine whether the toner needs to be changed. Whether to print a test sheet in colour or black and white.

This will demonstrate whether your toner is low or has lost quality. The printed colour test sheet will then indicate which toner(s) needs to be replaced.

The simplest method is to print a test sheet in either black and white or colour after installing your new Brother toner(s). This will demonstrate the brand-new quality of the fully-charged toners.

Print out another test page to determine whether you need to consider getting new toner. Remember that the average coverage of 5% applies to all Brother toner print yields.

How do I reset the counter on my Brother printer?

For various printer series, follow these procedures. The instructions you receive will change depending on the Brother printer series. By following these steps, you may restart your printer's counter and go on printing.

How to Reset a Toner for Brother MFC Printers

  • Press the CLEAR / BACK button after removing the printer's front cover.

  • Press the *, 0 and then the number 0 keys on the keyboard.

  • Snap the front cover shut.

  • Now the warning should be prominent. There will be no interruption to printing.

With these various techniques, your Brother printer counter should be cleared, enabling you to begin or continue printing as usual. Please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form if you require any further information about Internet-Ink premium Brother MFC l3750cdw toners.

If the Brother printer is still displaying the messages "toner low," "change toner," "toner ended," or flashing light, Perform some of the following accessible examinations:

How to Reset a Toner for Brother DCP Printers

The printer's front lid should be open. The printer should display "replace drum" or "replace toner."

Press the up or down button after that.

Press OK and shut the front cover when 00 shows on the printer's display.

Now the warning should be prominent. There will be no interruption to printing.

How to Reset a Toner for Brother HL Printers

Opening the front cover may remove the toner and drum from the printer. Select START from the menu.

Reinstall the printer's toner and drum.

Close the front cover after twice pressing the START button.

Now the warning should be prominent. There will be no interruption to printing.

Check that you have the correct toner for your printer.

Make sure the toner on your machine has the correct serial number. Also, ensure you have the toner or drum for the item you bought. The drum unit contains the toner cartridge in the majority of Brother printers. Both or one of them may need to be replaced.

Check that you have installed the toner correctly.

Check quickly to ensure the toners are correctly installed in the printer. Check to see that the drum unit is appropriately placed in the printer and that the toner is correctly seated in the drum unit.

To reset a printer, just open the cover and switch it off. The Brother toner cartridges should all be taken out of the printer. Check the chips with a wipe to ensure they adhere to the toner and are not loose.

With a lint-or dust-free cloth, quickly wipe down the printer. The toner cartridges are then reinstalled, starting with the black one at the end. Restart your printer.

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