Diamond ❤ Godzillan
Diamond ❤ Godzillan
Ingreanu Saforon (Ingres) is an author, university professor, and a man of many fancies who finds himself in all sorts of adventures. Always by his side is Viol (Vi), a young man of a poor background who he took in. You can never quite predict where these two will end up, but one thing\'s for certain: Be prepared for lots of chaos and romance! Contains the 3rd and 4th part of the Ingreanu series, a series of episodic one-shots featuring these two leads Kihara did in *Monthly Seventeen*, with its final part in *Bouquet*. - **Diamond Godzillan** (ダイヤモンド❤ゴジラーン, Diamond ❤ Gojiraan): Ingres and Vi find themselves embarking on a trip to Kenya. However, a curious accident causes the plane to crash - and Vi, Ingres, and a French mafia member miraculously make it out fine! They soon discover it\'s thanks to a mysterious girl, who commands a dinosaur who bears quite the resemblance to the famous kaiju. Many mysteries emerge in this parody of tokusatsu and [lost world](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lost_world) novels. - **Green Elliot** (緑のエリオット, Midori no Elliot): Ingres and Vi end up in the Lake District in England after an American editor manages to corner Ingres. While taking shelter from the rain, Vi encounters a dashing fellow who reminds him of someone once dear to him. Things take a surprising turn when they meet again at a hotel, and Ingres picks up on the truth behind the mysterious and handsome figure, Elliot. - **Nocturne** (夜想曲――ノクターン――, Yasoukyoku ― Nocturne): Yuko Hotarubukuro is an ordinary college girl who\'s just moved into a new apartment. As she takes a ride on the elevator, she meets Kikyo Kokobu, a guy from another college running an errand, and a mysterious man in Heian period attire. Then, the two get transported to his palace - and before they know it, they find themselves in the thick of court intrigue! A romantic comedy time slip story set in the early 11th century, in the middle of the Heian period.
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Feb 09, 2024